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Together we grow..

If you represent a software or web development company, we can be your extended team. During software development, many a times, you would be wondering if you can just increase the bandwidth to get the project back on schedule. Or there might be times, where the project requires a skill, which you might not find in-house. As an extended team, you outsource the work to us and we work as though we are part of your team. You still co-ordinate with your client. In fact, you don’t even have to disclose your client details to us. This brings scalability to your company, with less time and capital expenditure.

If you are an independent professional and are interested in our services, you can resell our services to your customers. we even allow you to project yourself as a software development company, while we remain in the background working on the requirements gathered by you. This model allows you to quickly get started without building the infrastructure from scratch.