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What is smartschool tutor ?

The SmartSchool Tutor consists of digital content offering in 3D/2D animated format supported by robust assessment software along with an internet driven e-Learning application tailor made for Indian schools. The education content is strictly mapped to school curriculum and has been designed as per the needs of the Indian students. The tutor application comes packaged either in an USB or a SD card.

How many students are currently using smartschool solution ?

As per latest data of Jan 2013, there were more than 50,000 students, who are using smartschool products either in school or in their homes. The company has ambitious plans to reach 1 million students by this year, so as to create the largest consumer base in the education sector.

Content of classes from 6-12, we are mapped to CBSE board.

Can I activate the tutor application without internet ?

Yes, Tutor application can be activated without internet using offline activation method, as mentioned in the user manual, which comes with the product.

The offline activation requires customer to call the support center for activation code, based on some basic information required from the customer.

How different is our content from the CDs that comes free with the books ?

There is a huge difference between the our content and the content available on CDs, which comes free of cost with the books :-

Our positives as compared to the CD content :

  1. We have HD 3D/2D based content.
  2. We have assessment application with over 1 lac questions.
  3. We have maximum subject coverage for any class.
  4. We have largest number of chapters per subject.

Can the SmartSchool tutor run on Television Sets?

No, the tutor is a simple USB device which can run on only windows based device or Android based tablets.

Is there any certification of Quality for the education content ?

Yes, our content has certification of appreciation from the senior teachers and principal guild of various different schools.

Is there any space requirement for the content to run on the computer ?

No, Since the content runs from the pen drive, you do not require any space to run it. However, in case you paste the content in the computer drive, you required approximately 8 to 16 Gb of space, depending upon the class.

What is SmartSchool Examguru ?

SmartSchool ExamGuru software is a testing platform strictly aligned to the curriculum based content and is tailor made for Indian schools. ExamGuru has over 1 lac questions, which makes it a perfect tool for extensive practise and revision. ExamGuru also supports extensive study material designed for last minute study. Currently ExamGuru software runs on both Windows and Android based operating systems.

What is the difference between NCERT and CBSE ?

NCERT is the curriculum making body, that designs curriculum and prints books. However CBSE is a education board.
CBSE follows NCERT based curriculum and books. Hence any following NCERT books is automatically mapped to CBSE.
SmartSchool's content is strictly mapped to NCERT curriculum, thereby strictly mapped to CBSE.

What is SmartSchool Studio application ?

SmartSchool Studio application comes along with the tutor product. It is a internet driven application loaded with host of latest eLearning application that facilitates better learning in students.

Who have created the education content for tutor and examguru application ?

Education content for Tutor and Examguru application has been created after years of research by a team of highly qualified educationist from different institutions.

The team comprises of experts from SCERT, NCERT and many other premier organisation.

Primary content from Kindergarten to class 5 is mapped to which curriculum ?

It is very important to remember that primary content from class kindergarten to 5 generally DOESNOT follow any board. Different schools use different books to teach the primary content.

With years of research, we have made the concept of library for primary content. Each subject of the primary class consists of content library, which contains all the possible topics, covering all the possible books.

Hence, SmartSchool primary content is mapped to all the books available in the market, and infact we have the largest resource of content per subject in the primary classes.

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